Stradivarius Titian 2023

This instrument is based on Antonio Stradivari's 1715 Titian and draws inspiration from Stradivari's entire golden period incorporating key design and acoustic features to ensure a fantastic sound.

Stradivarius Titian Violin

The 'Titian' is a beautiful instrument, I chose it as a basis for my final project at Newark and was a test run for my design that had to emulate the 25 year period of Stradivarius's golden age. Feathering a one piece back with delicate flaming and luxuriant colour, it is a great sounding instrument.

Stradivarius Messiah Violin

This is number 3 of 3 Messiah based violins made at Newark and is a great little instrument, it was made in my spare time while studying during the second the third years and then varnished and setup after I graduated from Newark. Finished in oil varnish of my own making it has a rich deep colour, and the sound is warm and complex.

Gore Booth inspired Cello

This Cello was made as part of my final year at Newark School of Violin Making, using the Gore Booth Cello as a basis and then slightly adjusted to be more in line with modern setups.

Amati 1625 Viola

Using the Amati 1625 viola as a base, I made some changes in order to make the viola more compatible with modern setup and repertoire.

Cello #1

This Cello is completely my own model, conceived under the guidance of Juliet Barker and both our like of designing new models, to be a full sized instrument with smaller body for students.